Mitra Ebrahimi is the painter of relations; the relation between human with objects or objects with each other. She even pays attention to human beings’ abstract relations, for instance with poetry and myth and fable. In her earlier works with watercolor technique, she addressed the relations of objects with each other in still life genre. In these collections, human is nowhere to be seen in the paintings, but the objects imply the relationship between human beings and human is the absent present in these works. Flower vases and mirrors testify that the human is still alive. In the “Hands and Birds” collection, she uses the hand as the symbolic organ of friendship and invitation to expand human’s relation with other creatures.

Mitra Ebrahimi is contemporary; because concurrent with the existing violence in the world, especially in the Middle East, she distances from soft materials and techniques and examines her relationship with rougher techniques like acrylic and oil paint or distinct lines of pen and ink. However, even in “The Walls” collection – a narrative of the mysterious character of the wall – she is not harsh. Absence of peripheral thick lines almost in her entire collections, absence of borders and easy access of her paintings’ surfaces to each other and the use of similar colors for objects and living creatures proves that the artist love the entire world equally. Maybe she can be called a surrealist, a symbolist or even a functionalist painter; because her hands are moving in a specific manner, but at the end of the day, she breaks away from all these misleading labels and remains a painter.
Farough Mazloumi

Translated by: Pegah Ebrahimi