A promenade through olden images

A unique work of art, would never succumb to vicissitudes of times. Its scope is ever present. Unique means apart frرm perfect structure and concept, it is also above and beyond the shackles of time,place, ideology and race. That oeuvre would not be bound to a person, a certain period or to a region. Certain creations of a true artist, granted few and far between, are free from the affliction of times and do belong to everyone, everywhere; they are derived from our collective memory thus belonging to cosmopolitan realm of imagination and reflection. Hafiz’s Ghazals, Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Botticelli’s Venus are all timeless beings created as any other real creatures of this world like water, deer or tree to fulfill a natural and essential existence. Therefore some works of art, stand far beyond the period or the circumstances they are created in, they are timeless and limitless and would never become timeworn, passé or forgotten.

They could not fit into or be confined to the categories of classic or modern art. They exist outside our judgement and would time and again compel us to marvel at or reflect upon them. One of the underlying motives which had incited the artists, all through ages, to recreate or to create similar works akin to those unique masterpieces; had been their everlasting magic and their renouncement of the inevitable cultural or national constraints. Their aficionados have then obsessively recreated the eternal masterpieces in search of this perpetual enigmatic mystery and that is only half of the pleasure, one part of its appeal.

Mitra Ebrahimi has revisited these ever-new and enduring works of art, with fresh eyes, a means to create tableaus which as well as paying homage, are able to show new impressions of these works, here and now. These exquisite masterpieces of different cultures have been portrayed jovially if somewhat nostalgic. Done in grey monochrome, these canvasses are then exposed to the converging rush of assailing colors which could well have been fleeting from their figures and are now invading them once again. Or could it be that the trickles and narrow strips of colors in an incontrollable chaos or a time invasion are raiding the tableaus, an attack from this century to conquer the dominion of absolute and everlasting creativity in a past, far from us.

A precious inheritance has been put to judgement and is challenged and its classic standard beauty is now in a new situation which one could not very well ignore. Mrs. Ebrahimi has lived through the brush strokes of great painters and has masterfully managed to depict the grotesque ambience in which no one quite knows how to deal with these constant, invariable cornerstones of reality.

Javad Modjabi
13st of October 2015 
Translated by: Poupak Modjabi