It was not good for the Man to be alone. God created a woman as his companion. But, the woman ate the first apple; she was blamed for the Original Sin. God asked the Man: “Who gave you awareness?” The Man answered that the woman whom you sent to accompany me, gave me the apple from the Tree. The cursed Woman was sent to Earth with her fruit of disobedience; left alone with darkness and apple. She has been carrying the burden of the Original Sinever since.

I painted my canvases with woman, apple, sin, serpent… and heavy burden of punishment, each and every one of them still unloosened knots shadowing my world. But the need to create a new myth, made me cross out the entire pictures originated from thoughts. I acknowledged the Tree of Knowledge of good and evil. We bit the apple. It was not good for us to be alone and God was not angry.

Translated by: Pegah Ebrahimi